The day the Toursits Never Came

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What happens when a popular tourist town like Pringle

finds itself with no visitors - does the town

shut down? Do the people despair?

Or does Seamus experience a close encounter

that changes everything?

Will Lizzie ever be the same again?

And will the presence of the mysterious clumps

of turf save the population in time?

"A fabulous insight into life in one of Ireland's foremost tourist towns. Join the locals as they come to terms with the mysterious presence in their midst. Read on and find out what happened next in Pringle, the year the tourists never came..."

A story of enlightenment for the times we are in today.




The Year the Tourists Never Came

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A Novella inspired by the Dingle Peninsula.
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The cd "From Ireland to India" is the result of over twenty years of songwriting and travelling. I love Ireland, I love India, and I love all the places I have travelled to in between, and beyond. This cd expresses many of the ideas and feelings I have experienced on my journey and my hope is that you will also feel and relate to many of the aspirations and inspirations that have resulted from those experiences.

I am sure that many of us are now raising our awareness from our purely individualistic concerns towards the possibilities and potential of our planet as a whole. I hope that some of these songs will accompany your own reflections on where we are now and how we can progress.

Ireland to India Ireland to India Ireland to India Ireland to India Ireland to India

Somehow we must all find within us a real sense of belonging to this wonderful human family that includes everyone. And to do this I think we must all raise our consciousness to see that what we really feel as humans is the same for all of us regardless of the divisive power of material wealth and status.
Only when we truly understand that the human condition is defined by our feelings and not by our possessions will we arrive at an enlightened and hopeful view of our beautiful planet and the people who live here. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the songs and that you will choose to share in this project by purchasing a copy.

John Ryan Grinsted CD


From Ireland to India CD

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12 original, clear, reflective songs.
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Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned but I wanted to produce an album where the songs fit together, to tell a story, as in "From Ireland to India". I also like a cd with a cover! So my hope would be that you prefer to buy the physical cd. However, if you do prefer to purchase individual digital songs, or the complete album as a digital download you may do so at CD Baby via the following link: CD Baby